We, the three musicians of "The Tunez" got together in autumn 1999. After years of trying various musical styles, we had the idea of a very personal sound. The tunes or melodies are the most important features in our music, hence the name of the band. Our music varies from Celtic Folkmusic to sensitive compositions of our own. The use of the Bodhran (Irish Drum) and the recorder add to varied sound spectrum.




Some outstanding performances:

- "Irish Feast" Päd.Ak d. Bundes in Nov. 2000
- 1. Tunez CD "Tuning in" in Feb. 2001
- Performance for "Eigenart Leonding", "Krähenfuß" by
Walter Gschwantner in Oktober 2001
- Celtic Night Turm 9 Leonding 2003
- Scottish Evening Tour Nov. 2005
- 2. Tunez CD "A Bunch Of Roses" July 2006