The Tunez in Music

"Tuning in", the first CD of The Tunez, was recorded in January and February 2001. It contains traditional Irish songs and instrumentals wrapped up in the very personal "Tunez Arrangements". You can listen to parts of some songs on this page . Also navigate to page "The Tunez in Words" to read the lyrics of some songs.


"A Bunch Of Roses", the second CD recorded in 2006, contains exclusively original compositions by The Tunez. These compositions take the listener on a journey through the various internal landscapes of the band. You can listen to parts of some songs here. Also navigate to "The Tunez in Words" to read the lyrics.

Here is the review of the CD in music magazine CONCERTO.


Part of "Ascending" (2,7 Mb)
Part of "Everything is True" (2,6 Mb)
Irish Demo 1 (9,3 Mb)
Irish Demo 2 (9,7 Mb)
Irish Demo 3 (5,5 Mb)


All the songs are Mp3s. The "Irish Demos" are medleys of the following songs:

DEMO 1: Star of the County Down, Sally Gardens,Monaghan Jig

DEMO 2: Lord of the Dance, Red is the Rose, Step it out Mary
DEMO 3: Mairie's Wedding, Foggy Dew, Paddy Doyle