You'll come across links to my adult pages, or white-out adult passages; reader discretion is advised. When in doubt, don't follow those links. After all, innocence is easily lost, and cannot be regained.
Many of these stories include characters or parts of the universes of Highlander: The Series, which I do NOT own (Davis/Panzer do now, I believe). Nor do I own any part of any other TV series or feature film whose universe or characters I might have used. They are all here for a little fun, not for any of us to make money. What I have added is my own, generally speaking.
By Request
A brief cameo for Methos on Babylon 5, requested by a friend
Category: PG13 Highlander & PG13 B5 fan-fic (Methos, Lennier and ...)  

Library Musings, an Everyday Thing
and of course Alexa
Category: PG13 (if that) Highlander fan-fiction stories starring Methos  

Drabbles based on movie titles, about Amanda, in private
and Coram Publico, plus Uncomfortable Understanding
and [insert epithet] Dreams

Category: Non-adult Highlander fan-fic with various characters;
the last one PG-13, I believe, for language in the title

RELIEF, Eyes, RECOIL, Sometimes and REWIND

Category: Non-adult Witchblade fan-fic with Sara, Ian, and Irons.  

Highlander-Pretender-Crossover Drabbles:
A shocking discovery triggers
Fear and Fear II

Category: PG Highlander & Pretender fan-fic with Duncan MacLeod and Jarod.  
Keep your handkerchief handy.
Category: Non-adult Highlander fan-fic with Duncan, Joe and OCs.  
Part 1

Joe encounters one of the legacies of Methos' days in ancient Rome.
Category: Rated "R"!
Highlander fan-fic with Duncan, Joe, Methos and OCs
Part 2

Part 3

From up on the roof of Notre Dame, someone is watching...
Category: harmless Highlander fan-fic  
Ghost Story
A very short ghost story, triggered by a challenge at LJ
Category: harmless; can be read as Highlander fan-fic  
Kiss and Tell
A mildly naughty story, triggered by a challenge at LJ
Category: Highlander fan-fic; does mention of male/male kisses mean "R"-rated?;
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