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Current Version: 1.3


Information for users of MS Internet Explorer 6.0 or Internet Explorer 5.0/5.5 SP 2:

You must apply this registry fix in order to make Q3Plug work with these browsers. This is due to Microsoft having dropped support for Netscape-style plug-ins. This can be circumvented by this fix, however.

General Information:

This web browser plugin is a rewrite of the popular QPlug/Q2Plug-Plugin by John Carmack, Jack Mathews and Dave Kirsch. Its purpose is to provide information about Quake 3 Arena servers such as game settings and connected players. Like the original version, Q3Plug features a connect button that can be used to connect to the game directy from the browser. Q3Plug has been tested with Internet Explorer versions 4.0, 5.0, 5.5, 6.0, Netscape Navigator version 4.x and 6.x, Mozilla 0.9.8+, and Opera version 4.0 and 5.01 on Microsoft Windows 98, Windows NT 4.0, Windows 2000 Professional, and Windows XP. Other versions probably work, too. Please note, however, that Q3Plug won't work with Windows 95 unless it has been upgraded to Win95B or higher.

The current version of Q3Plug supports the following games (including all games using the same engines as those below):


You can download the latest version of Q3Plug at the following mirror sites:

npq3plug.zip from the University of Linz (Austria)

Source code can be found at the Q3Plug project page at Source Forge:



Example Screenshots:

(Q3Plug in Quake 3 OSP display mode)

(Q3Plug displaying a Half Life Counterstrike server)

Example pages (you need to install Q3Plug to view these pages properly):



Note: Some web browsers must be restarted after installation. If you use Internet Explorer on Windows 98 or Windows 2000, restarting Windows might be neccessary.

Netscape users
Internet Explorer users
Opera users
Mozilla users

Embedding Q3Plug into web pages:

(only read this section if you are creating a web page and want to use q3plug on it)

Use the following HTML code on your page:

name="IP address[:port]"


Note: Do not use multiple MIME types on a single HTML page. Some browsers do not like this. If you want to show different games on one page, use above parameters instead.



Or just have a look at  http://game.liwest.at/content_status_q3plug.asp.

Optional parameters:

color="<HTML color code>"
color2="<HTML color code>"
bgcolor="<HTML color code>"
queryport="<port number>"

- color: Q3plug text color (defaults to white).
- color2: Q3plug alternative text color (defaults to red).
- bgcolor: Q3plug background color (defaults to black). If you use any other color than black, no game icon will be shown.
- queryport: this parameter specifies the port used for querying Medal of Honor and Unreal Tournament servers (defaults to 12300 for MOH and 7778/port+1 for UT)

Version history:

q3plug 1.3b1 (2):
- added:
"SteelDen" xdeniz_at_mail.ru sent in some query code for Neverwinter Nights (NN), which has been included in this version

q3plug 1.3b1:
- added: support for Medal of Honor Allied Assault, Jedi Knight 2
- fixed: problem with Half Life Day of Defeat servers (and possibly others)

- fixed: bug in query code for Tribes servers

q3plug 1.2b1:: support for Tribes, Tribes 2, Quakeworld
- improved: Return To Castle Wolfenstein now has dedicated support
- added: custom colors for text and background
- changed: default list box background color is now black
- added: registry fix to support Microsoft Internet Explorer 5.5 Service Pack 2 and Microsoft Internet Explorer 6.0

q3plug 1.1b5:
- added: display game-specific bitmaps
- fixed: correct number of players now shown in OSP display mode
- new: optional disabling of OSP display mode

q3plug 1.1b4 (test version):
- new: direct launching of HL and UT
- new: Auto Refresh
- fixed: network errors reported by Netscape after visiting pages containing q3plug

q3plug 1.1b2 (test version):
- new: extended support for OSP Quake 3 servers (team display)
- fixed: multiple MIME types for game recognition replaced by a parameter (see above)
  (multiple plugin MIME types on a single page seem to cause some versions of Internet Explorer to crash)
- fixed: some minor bugs

q3plug 1.1b1 (test version):
- new: support for Half Life, Quake 2 (+Quake 2 engine games like SoF), Unreal Tournament server querying
- improved: better layout including image buttons and List View controls
- improved: sortable columns
- improved: higher timing precision
- improved: Quake 3 colored names displayed

q3plug 1.0b2:
- fixed: sockets not being closed properly
- fixed: GDI memory leak

q3plug 1.0b:
- first public release


If you have got any troubles using Q3Plug, just post into the forum . Posts will be answered as quickly a possible.

Bug reports:

Please send all bug reports to  markus.baumgartner@liwest.at


Special thanks go to:

ff0               - for hosting Q3Pplug on his web site
FuSioN|KoaX - for providing me with some useful hints on Win32 programming
OBC|gynta    - for beta testing Q3Plug and some hints on improving the UI

As well as a lot of others for helping me with Q3Plug.