MORBIDVIDEOS DVD BOOTLEGS: death, thrash & heavy metal shows!
means excellent quality
means very little loss of quality or very good webstream source
means little loss of quality or good digicam source or very good webstream source
means loss of quality, little colour problems possible or webstream source or digicam source
means copied many times, weak colours
for fans and collectors only


trading status:
• I am only interested in pro-shots.

source informations:
• DVD-M means master source
• DVD-V means VHS source
• DVD means all other sources (webstream, unkown, ...)

quality shows
• Do NOT send crappy digicam or mobile phone sourced shows! These shows are more or less garbage!
• PLEASE do not send bad quality shows! I will no longer accept them!!!
• No divx, xvid, vcd, svcd, ... sourced DVDs.

quality DVDs
• Please use only high quality DVDs from Sony, TDK, Maxell, Philips or Verbatim!
• Do not send non brands like Memorex, Platinum, Ativa or what ever!
• If you send shitty DVDs I will send you also bad quality DVDs in return!

• The shows in the videos section are in VHS Pal. I can transfer them to DVD+R (SP, 110-120 minutes).
• The transfers VHS to DVD takes a lot of time. I burn usually more then one show on a DVD.
• I have first generations of many VHS shows filmed in Wels, Sneek, Bergum, Lyon, Copenhagen, ...
• A VHS or DVD-V rating of A is not like a DVD-M rating of A.

• Within Europe I send economy to most countries!
• If you contact me first you send first.

• Nothing from my collection is for sale. Sometimes I trade for original CDs or original DVS too, feel free to ask.
• B+P: Sometimes I will trade dvds for brand blank dvds. Click here for the list!

• hellonearth (at) gmx dot net

NFT means that I have promised the filmer that I will not trade his shows until I get green light. Please don´t ask for these ones.