Spitzbua Privat Galery
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    Accordion HOHNER ALPINA V (with a "BASS-MIDI" from
     LIMEX and Sound.mudule "ALPIN-MASTER AM 4MB)
       Keyboard SOLTON KETRON X1 (HD)
        BASE AMPLIFIER "D & B 1200A"
         Mainframe with Speakon 1200 watts (2x600 watts)
          2 speakers E9 LS-Box Equalizer ART AP341 2x15 Band
           Mixer MACKIE CR-1604VLZ Pro Mixer
            Resounding equipment "LEXICON MPX-1" Multi effect processor
             2 compressors "KIND CS-2"
"FURMAN AR-2306 6A monitor FBT Extrude ex 2.5 A"
               1 arranging microphone "SENNHEISER K6P Phantom"
                  2 Microphones "SENNEHISER E865" condenser
                   2 Headlights (no lighting system)
                    Tape-player and CD-Player "TEAC AD-500"

                        My hardware partner is the shop "EFERDINGER MUSIC SHOP"
                                                                              4070 Eferding Mitterplatz 1

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