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I was born in august 1955 in the beautiful "woodquarter". 
My friends say, that my asterisk "VIRGIN"
are reflected in many of my positive but also in my negative sides. 

Im a very informal man, who wants to be with many people, but I hate falseness and insincerity. 
In my sparetime, if I have some, I like to go to a trip to see far countries all over the world,   but every time I come back I come to the conviction, that our home country, Austria, is one of the beautiful and safest parts of our world. 

My profession is my appointment! Im a policeman since over 31 years now and over 25 years criminal-serve in Traun. Its a great feeling to say after a working day: " I helped other persons and I was there for them" 
First of all music was just a hobby, but it becomes more and more a second job for me to be a musician!