Thermopack: A Free Object-Oriented Thermodynamic and Process Engineering Library


Thermopack is a library in C++ which shall provide procedures needed in process engineering calculations. The package is divided into following parts


Thermopack 0.9.5 is available at the moment for PC's under linux and the following system requirements under the GNU General Public License. Mailing list has following locations:

Bug Fixes and Updates

System requirements

System requirements are described here.


Download of thermopack.


Installation is described here.


Documentation at the moment in the include files - doxygen!

Documents and Introduction

If You are a little bit interested in basic understanding - there are some documents which give information on

Future Development

Anybody who is interested in working at this project is invited - please mail!

Current Developers

Herwig Landschützer


For questions, comments, or more information, please contact the Thermopack developers.

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