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New Home December 2005 After a hard-working 4 days renovating and moving finish, we picked up the kids from the grandparents and together we moved into our new home on Sunday, December 12, 2005 (right on schedule!).
Our new address is now (phone, email, ... stay the same):

Albrecht Sandra Hannah Florian Sebastian
Stadlerstr. 49
4020 Linz

During the renovation there were times when the condo looked more like the scene of a terrorist attack than the home of a family with 3 kids:
Pics during the renovation.
But in the end everything turned out really fine, so that we are now almost done (only the new doors are still missing and they should arrive on Jan 10):
Pics after the renovation (2005-12-25)
Family Activity Fall 2005 From Sept. 20 to Nov. 22 we go Baby Swimming with Sebastian every Tuesday morning.
He just looooooves the water - and like his sister, but in contrast to his brother, he never gets cold in the water.
Gogo dives Sebastian (2005-10-18), Sandy dives Sebastian (2005-10-25)
Family News 2005 We bought a new condominium with lots of room for our 3 little rascals.
Currently, we have to put in some work and craftsmen to rejuvenate the 30-year-old condo, but we hope to move in during the first half of December.
Pics before the renovation
Birds view (use MS Internet Explorer, I had troubles with Firefox 1.5)
Traveling 2004 Hotel Sonnenpark, Sonnentherme Lutzmannsburg, Burgenland


Dec 2, 2006 Hannah plays Nikolaus WMV: 58", 320x240, 1122KB
Aug 1, 2005 Hannah and Sebastian laughing their heads off WMV: 1'06", 320x240, 762KB